Scottish Grouse

Scottish Driven Grouse

Lagopus lagopus scotica

The Glorious Twelfth! Grouse season opens on the 12th August running until 10th December, when grouse may be shot either in driven or walked up formats.

Fast flying, testing, exhilarating. Nothing quite compares to a day’s grouse shooting in Scotland. Set in the breath-taking Scottish moorland, these challenging little birds conjure up images of misty moors, elegant country retreats and castles, coupled with tweed clad landed gentry, sipping upon fine whiskies and puffing on Cuban cigars between drives.

Positioned, poised, waiting in the grouse butts as the beaters flush these wonderfully challenging birds through the swathes of lilac heather towards the guns – Yet despite all your preparations and practice, the first time you stand in a grouse butt with your gun mounted and ready, your face blistered by the bitter Scottish wind, all of those commands to shoot surging forward and as soon as the grouse are in sight, your mind falls quiet in silent concentration as a covey of black dots scream towards and over you at speeds of up to 100mph, flying at head height – on a down-wind… and you pull the trigger.

Held in high regard as both as a table food but also for the extremely challenging nature of the shooting – due to their speed, contour hugging flying ability and terrain – grouse shooting is beyond comparison for the keen sporting shot. With their almost mythical status grouse really are a true delight to shoot and a dream come true for any wing shooting enthusiast!


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Grouse Season

Scottish Grouse shooting season begins on the “Glorious Twelfth”, August 12th and runs through to December 10th .


Fast flying, testing, exhilarating. Nothing quite compares to a day’s grouse shooting in Scotland.


Athina Sporting is pleased to be able to offer exceptional grouse shooting in the North East of Scotland in the edges of the Cairngorm Mountains, staying in the extravagant Kilcardine Castle with first class accommodation and full hospitality. Shooting usually takes place over a week, with the opportunity to shoot partridge, pheasant or other native species during your stay if you wish. However, reservation of dates should take place well ahead of such time to ensure your chance of securing your place on the moor. Bags are usually larger earlier in the season and days are frequently fully booked well in advance of the season opening.

Alongside driven grouse shooting, we can also offer walked up grouse shooting. For those that like to take their sport walked up over dogs, it has been said that there is no more gentlemanly sport than walking a moor with a brace of pointers and a shotgun.
We tend to agree.

This is not a sport of large bags or for the unfit – with unforgiving moorland terrain and inclement Scottish weather. But what it does give is the opportunity to take in some spectacular scenery, observe these incredible dogs working and perhaps (if you are fast enough) put a handful of birds in the bag the memories – which you are guaranteed to re-live and treasure over and over again.

This little bird that erupts from the cover before the dogs in a whirring, screeching mass is often gone before even the most skilled of guns are even able to react. Get on them fast and pick your bird quickly and you will have a memorable day. Freeze at the spectacle before you and you will sit in the lodge at the end of the day bemoaning missed opportunities! This method of grouse shooting is truly not for the feint hearted or those slow to react.

As with all Athina hunts, we can combine hunts for multiple species and permits, transport, flights and accommodation can be arranged on request to ensure your hunt goes as smoothly as possible. We can also advise on firearm calibre and suitability, trophy preparation and scoring, taxidermy and kit lists.
Prices start from £500 for walked up and £900 for driven shoots – with last minute availability occasionally on offer. Please contact us to arrange your hunt today.