Romanian Driven Boar

Driven Boar

Wild boar, like all wild pig species, make for extremely exciting hunts. Their shyness and high intelligence and nocturnal habits make these animals both dangerous and exhilarating quarry to hunt in locations across the globe.

Romanian Driven Boar

Our favourite method for hunting wild boar or pigs anywhere is the driven hunt. Large areas of dense bush are beaten through with dogs or beaters to drive the boar towards a line of guns, which shoot the boar on the run. This is an incredibly exciting form of hunting – the sound of a boar running through the cover towards you as you wait for your chance of a shot through gaps in the bush or across a track is hard to beat!
However, the size and sex of your boar is in the lap of the gods.

In Eastern Europe, Romania included, we hunt alongside local hunting clubs. Thus making for an interesting cultural experience. Aiming for 3 to 4 drives a day, on each one, 100 hectare blocks of pine forest are beaten through with dogs towards the shooting line along a forest path or roadway. The guns must remain quiet at all times, as sound carries a long way in the snow. Shooting can be fast and furious as the boar break the treeline. However, guns need to be selective when taking a shot, as there can be high fines for shooting the large dominant sows.

Both trophy and cull animals are available to hunt in Romania.
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Romanian Driven Boar


We currently have availability for trophy boar hunting in Romania.

Prices for these hunts are as follows:
3 nights at £1500
5 nights at £1800
Each trophy grade animal is charged at £1200.
Flights not included.
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