Portugal Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer in Portugal

Dama dama

With their distinctive palmate antlers and distinctive spotted coats, there is no mistaking the Portuguese fallow deer, Dama dama. Whilst most picture this species with an unmistakable spotted coat, there is a large variation in coat colour on these animals. Common (dark in winter, spotted in summer), leucistic (white), melanistic (black) and menil (paler with a permanently spotted coat).
The males, bucks, sport distinctive palmated antlers, reaching over 24 inches in length. Max weight of up to 95kg.
The females, does, lack antlers and weigh up to 55kg.
Fallow deer, an introduced species, are thought to have been brought to Portugal by the Romans as sport animals as early as 1200BC.
Athina Sporting is pleased to be able to offer exceptional hunting opportunities to hunt these impressive animals under the glorious Portuguese sunshine. With hunts taking place in the rolling hillsides, planaltos and sun bleached Iberian scrublands.


The hunting season for trophy fallow deer in Portugal runs from the end of September to the end of October. Our hunting grounds are carefully selected to have suitable populations of magnificently palmated fallow deer bucks. These grounds frequently achieve medal standard heads. Hunting fallow in Portugal makes a change from the inclement British weather and will leave you with both lasting memories of an Iberian adventure. Plus, providing impressive trophies to bring home to remind you of your experiences for years to come.

Additionally, cull hunts are also available to manage and maintain the health and population of the herd.
As with all Athina hunts, we can combine hunts for multiple species and permits. Transport, flights and accommodation can be arranged on request to ensure your hunt goes as smoothly as possible. We can also advise on firearm calibre and suitability, trophy preparation and scoring, taxidermy and kit lists.
Prices start from £1500 – please contact us to arrange your hunt today.