Scottish Goats

Scottish Goats

Capra hircus

Scottish Goats. The wild British primitive or ‘old Scotch’ goat is an ancient species of mountain goat found on the rugged Scottish hillsides. Nimble on their feet with a penchant for sheer rocky mountainsides, the Scottish mountain goat makes an exciting challenge to any stalker. Whilst they may be small in size – weighing around 50kg -the mountain goat is an attractive trophy beast. With elegant, thick curling scimitar horns reaching up to 100cm tip to tip. Wild goats have a variety of thick, dense coat colours ranging from white to black with various patterns in between.

Due to their inhabited terrain, stalking goats is an exhilarating challenge for the seasoned stalker. Stalking on the Scottish hill is tough as the ground is steep and the boggy and heather covered terrain is unforgiving. A reasonable level of fitness is required and we can highly recommend that you prepare well ahead for your hunt. It is essential to build up your fitness in order that you get the most out of the experience. After all, your stalk is supposed to be a pleasure, rather than a gruelling endurance event!
A stalker can easily cover several miles in a day and climb and subsequently descend several thousand feet in one outing for goats.

As with all Athina hunts, we can combine hunts for multiple species. Why not combine your trip with the red stag rut?
Additionally, permits, transport, flights and accommodation can be arranged on request to ensure your hunt goes as smoothly as possible. We can also advise on firearm calibre and suitability, trophy preparation and scoring, alongside arrangements for taxidermy and advise on kit lists.

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Athina Sporting is pleased to be able to offer traditional Old Scotch goat hunting on our private hillside on the edge of New Galloway Forest, Scotland. Hunting takes place between September and December each year. We have a significant population of goat, with a number of CIC gold medal size trophy animals. We only take a small number of trophy billies off the hill each year, and the herd is carefully managed. Subsequently, demand is high and hunts must be booked well in advance of the season to avoid disappointment.

Prices start from £250 – please contact us to arrange your hunt today.