African Plains Game

African Plains Game – Hunting Plains Game in South Africa

Athina Sporting can provide a wide variety of African plains game hunting across various areas of South Africa. We can assist with planning and arranging your hunt, whether it is for specific trophy species or for a mixed-bag cull hunt. Whether it’s for common antelope, zebra, springbok, hartebeest, wildebeest or any other of the vast range of plains game species – we can offer a hunt to suit your species requirements.

We prefer to hunt larger hunting farms on the whole, usually on foot on a ‘spot and stalk’ basis, as this means there is a fair chase – even large game animals such as giraffe or cape buffalo can disappear as effectively in 5,000 acres as they can in 50,000! We also prefer to hunt areas holding mostly indigenous species that would be naturally found in that area.

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Why not combine a big game safari with an African wingshooting trip?
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Arrangements can be made with all hunts for combining species in order to ensure you make the most of your time in Africa.

African Plains Game


Prices for plains game hunting starts at £2000, please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and arrange your hunt today.

African Plains Game


Athina Sporting has access to superb hunting in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. Offering both sub-tropical bush hunting and exciting mountain hunting. The accommodation we use varies according to the hunter’s individual budget or requirements, but we make sure it is comfortable, clean and able to meet the hunter’s needs. We have access to some superb lodges with great food and facilities, which are most appreciated by hunters bringing their wives or families with them. All whilst also providing opportunities at the more rustic end of the spectrum where clients feel like they are hunting in a bygone era.

We try to minimize the amount of time wasted driving to and from hunting areas – our aim is to maximise the time you have to hunt whilst in the country. Our excellent professional hunters are all fully licensed for the area you’ll be hunting in – and most of them we have known and hunted with ourselves for a number of years. They will meet you at the airport and assist you with clearing your firearms, plus they will guide you on each hunting day, planning the hunt with you and overseeing the preparation of your trophies.