Cyprus Tuna Fishing

Albacore Tuna:

Thunnus Alalunga

Cyprus Tuna Fishing predominantly targets the Albacore Tuna which is a prized game fish found in the Mediterranean Ocean. A thrilling sport fish to troll for, and a large pelagic hunter, albacore can reach up to 150cm in length and upto 70lb in weight – even larger in very deep water.  The mainstay of our catch is in the 15lb to 40lb class and they provide some exhilarating sport especially when we target them on light tackle, with the added bonus of being an excellent and sustainable table fish.

Athina sporting is pleased to be able to offer some spectacular albacore fishing  from Aiya Napa Harbour, Cyprus. In the sublime deep blue water areas off the Cypriot coast you will be able to troll for albacore, bonito and if you’re lucky the much sought after Mediterranean Spearfish.  Swordfish also occasionally make an appearance in these waters. …All whilst basking under the glorious Mediterranean sunshine! Our aim is to secure your prized big game water trophy fish whilst enjoying the magnificent weather offered by the Mediterranean, alongside sampling the fabulous local food, guaranteed to satisfy the vastest of appetites.

As with all Athina Sporting trips, we can combine hunts for multiple species and help arrange permits, transport, flights and accommodation to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

All the necessary equipment is supplied with the boat, so you do not need to bring anything with you.  Rest assured you will be in the hands of a professional skipper, this is not an outfit targeted at tourist anglers.

Prime time is from Early/mid June through to the end of July with peak catches coinciding with full moon phases.

Prices start from £500 for a full 6-hour charter or individual spaces may be available if you wish to share the boat.

Please contact us to arrange your trip today.