Red Deer

Red deer

Cervus elaphus

The largest of European deer species, the red deer Cervus elaphus is found across most of Europe with each area having their respective sub species of red deer. Adult males, stags; can weigh in at 200kg, with the females, hinds; weighing in at a slightly more modest maximum of 120kg. The impressive antler rack of a red stag can reach a spread of 34 inches, with 16 or more ‘points’ or tines.
12 ‘pointers’ (6 points per antler) are known as Royal Stags, 14 points an Imperial Stag and a mighty 16 or more known as a Monarch Stag.

With their dark red coat and huge, majestic branching antlers, red deer stags are a popular species for trophy hunters.
Scottish Highland red deer are usually smaller than their lowland counterparts, yet they are often more frequently sought after as trophy animals due to the prestige assigned to the great Scottish Highland red stag and the difficult terrain the hunter needs to combat in order to obtain his prize. This, combined with their higher weight to antler point ratio and thick, attractive neck manes make the Scottish red stag a striking and respectable trophy beast indeed. Nothing quite compares to experiencing a traditional Scottish hillside stalk of a marvellous trophy beast of such majestic size and splendour- it truly is an experience you will never forget.

Iberian red deer, Cervus elaphus hispanicus, are slightly smaller in size to their Scottish counterparts but no less impressive. Unique to Spain and Portugal, the Iberian red deer lacks the full mane of the Scottish reds, but with a smoother, paler coat making them ideal trophy mounts. Antlers are frequently more elaborate, albeit not as heavy or branched as the British reds – something truly unique and combined with the unforgettable experience of the Iberian hunt across the stunning, rolling Portuguese countryside through the lavender, olive groves and challenging rock-strewn hillsides. Bronze, silver and gold medal animals are regularly taken on our stalking grounds in Portugal, making for a memorable Iberian trophy hunt.

For those less interested in a trophy animal, cull hunts are also available to manage and maintain the health and population of the herd.
Scottish red stag hunts are offered on a limited basis on our grounds in New Galloway, Scotland during the rut, usually from mid-September until mid-October each year. Stalking takes place across challenging terrain – tough, steep ground with boggy, unforgiving heathland, testing the stamina of the most skilled stalkers. Combined with the infamous dreaded Scottish midge in late summer, Scotland proves itself a formidable challenge for any experienced hunter, providing you with a hunting achievement you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Portuguese red stag hunts are offered – in a much more agreeable climate – during the rut from mid-August to the end of September each year on our grounds close to the Spanish border. Hunts take place in a variety of terrain, testing the stalkers skill and fitness as we stalk free roaming quarry across a careful selection of old estancias, farmland, lush rolling olive groves and up on to the stunning, rugged Iberian serras, all whilst drenched in the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine.

As with all Athina hunts, we can combine hunts for multiple species and permits, transport, flights and accommodation can be arranged on request to ensure your hunt goes as smoothly as possible. We can also advise on firearm calibre and suitability, trophy preparation and scoring, taxidermy and kit lists.

Prices start from £500 in Scotland and £1000 in Portugal – please contact us to arrange your hunt today.